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Muffler Replacement in Wakefield, Massachusetts

Improve your car's performance with a new muffler replacement or custom exhaust fabrication from Chaotic Custom Exhaust & Performance, located in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Custom Exhaust Work for Your Car
Have a new custom exhaust fabricated for your car today. Chaotic Custom Exhaust & Performance fabricates custom exhaust systems for all vehicle makes and models. We'll gladly fabricate your exhaust system according to your specifications, depending on whether or not you want your system loud or quiet. Each system comes with a
one-year warranty.

OEM Muffler Installation
Chaotic Custom Exhaust & Installation offers installation of OEM replacement mufflers for any vehicle make or model. Coming to our auto repair shop for your muffler purchase means you'll pay significantly less than purchasing from the manufacturer.

Muffler, Muffler Replacement in Wakefield, MA

Performance Modifications
Enhance the performance of your car's engine with the installation of a range of quality parts, including performance heads and valves, a new transmission, or a new torque converter.

Other performance modifications are available for:

Custom Electrical Wiring
Performance Chips Add-ons Programmers

LED Lighting

Emissions Compliance
Make sure your car complies with State Emissions testing by bringing it into our auto repair shop for the following work:

Installation of a New Catalytic Converter Replacement of Oxygen Sensors

Drive smoothly with a new custom exhaust system installed in your car. Contact us today at (781) 245-9366 to learn more.